You are never alone on this journey.

I really thank God that I can become a vessel to touch other people’s lives.

James Chen

I first came to know God when I was imprisoned in 2011. It was during that time I came to search about my life and its meaning, because that was the lowest and darkest point where I had nothing.

It was during then that there was this brother that actually passed the bible to me and he touched my life because its not easy for him to actually give me the bible inside the prison where everything is so strict. He went through some difficulties before I can actually get this bible.

Eventually I went on to study the bible studies inside prison which is in 2012 in Tanah Merah prison school. And I got a B3 for my bible knowledge and 15 points for my “O” levels. I was thankful to God that I could even study inside the prison.

However, after the release I was facing struggles with life and I was facing all the difficulties and I was all alone, and then I went back to my old ways and I was arrested again in 2015. That’s when my wife left me and we were just married one month before my arrest and it was during this time when I actually lost all hope.

Even after my release from the prison I had nowhere to go. I told God that I didn’t want this life anymore. I wanted to change. I thank God for leading me to The Hiding Place, a place that reaches out to people like me. And I thank God that while I was here, His presence is with me all the time, through all the brothers who touched my life, the staff and the leaders and all the brothers who actually show their love to me, shared their life testimonies of transformation about how God has changed them and they have created examples for me to follow.

Through the daily devotion God’s words touched my heart and even convert me and made me change my attitude. In the past I was actually very lazy whereby I don’t even work and I always go for the shortcuts and try to earn fast money. I slowly changed and I try to learn new skills and also been involved with various duties and becoming more responsible, and even doing things that I never thought that I could do in the past before, such as picking up new skills like cutting hair for the brothers in The Hiding Place and taking care of the small little pet farm over here.

This 14 of July, I’m actually going for the Taiwan mission trip to reach out to the prisoners in Taiwan and I thank God that I have this opportunity to go on this mission trip. Because in the past when I was lost or the past ten years I even lost my IC, my passport, my family members, my home. But now I thank God for not only did I get my passport, my IC, I also have a new identification as a child of God. And I really thank God that I can become a vessel to touch other people’s lives as well. And I give thanks and all glory to Him.

In Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

This is my story, I’m James Chen.

James Chen

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